Dark dungeons and wide battlefields! Each fantasy game needs heroic soundtrack.


“Dragon Slayer” is an example of epic music track, produced by BaltaZzar. You can find more similar works here.

Contact us to order soundtrack for your game. Pricing depends on project, but usually starts from 100$ per 1 minute of final music file.

Atmospheric soundtrack is an important part of remarkable gaming experience. It helps to dive into game’s world and feel yourself inside it.


“In the Dark Forest” is an example of ambient and atmospheric music for game. Every single game project needs careful and accurate scoring, so we will need to see some kind of product preview before setting prices. Usually music tracks start from 100$ per minute. Contact us if you have questions!

Here is an example of our sound design for online slots game. Each single sound was picked or created specially for this project. Background music track was also created exclusively.