Music Production

Song writing

From 500$

Are you a singer and looking for a new song to conquer your fan’s heart? We can help! Simply get in touch with us using our contact form or through the social networks.

Our songwriting service includes:

• composing a melody and harmony (chords progression)

• arranging instruments in accordance with chosen music genre

• recording live part (if needed) and programming VSTi

• mixing and mastering as the final stage of production

Music Co-production

From 200$

Have a demo, but don’t know what to do with it and how to bring it up to commercial sound? We are here to help! Doesn’t matter what kind of demo do you have – a raw guitar/piano chords progression or midi-file of arranging, just send it to us and we’ll done for the rest.
Our Co-production service includes:

• building an arrangement around your demo melody/chord progression

• recording live instruments (if required) 

• mixing and mastering

Mixing / Mastering

From 80$

You have composed and recorded track by yourself. Now it’s time to get it mixed and mastered by professionals!

Mixing / mastering service includes:

• mixing up to 20 stems

• digital mastering of final mix

NOTE: output quality completely depends on input quality of your stems. Before order this service get in touch with us and show us your demo.