Music is very important part of every media project. Try to imagine movie or corporate video with total silence on the background. It’s nonsense. Music can affect our mood, thoughts, motivation and even memories. Usually this impact is very subtle, even subconscious, but it makes a huge difference in our perception. Many times after watching movie we can not even recall what music was used in it. But we do remember the vibe, that certain “feeling”.

Talking about high quality commercial media product, every aspect of it has to be perfect and professional. So does music. But sometimes it’s very hard to find appropriate music track in endless music stocks and Royalty Free libraries. So reasonable decision is to order a custom music writing for you project. Professional music composer can feel all necessary aspects of your project and find right tune to emphasize the matter.

What can we offer?

Film scoring

price depends on project

• exclusive soundtrack

• impressive sound

• professional work by passionate composer

Music and Sound Design For Games

From 100$/min

• atmospheric and emotional backgrounds

• memorable soundtracks

• professional sound design

Background music for videos

From 100$

• advertisement

• corporate videos

• business presentation

• social projects

• video blogs

How does it work?

You write us e-mail with brief description of request. For your convenience we prepared a special brief-file to fill in (you can download it and send back to us). After you fill it, we discuss the price and deadlines. Then we start working. When the work is done we’ll send it to you with watermark. After final editing (if needed) and payment you will receive the final clear version.

Download Music composing Brief

Please, fill in this short form and send it back to us.

What will you get?

Final pack will include:

→ high quality file (.wav 16 bit/ 44 kHz)

→ compressed mp3 file (320 bpm)

→ one additional short version of music track (if needed)

→ our further support in case you need to crop/stretch or edit music