Perfectly matched music can significantly enhance the impressions your video gives. It is not always possible to find an appropriate music track in stock libraries. So reasonable option is to order a custom-made music piece that will match your video and emphasize some important  moments creating a desired ambience.

How it works

  • Send us message via contact form or facebook. Give us a brief description of your project.
  • Show your video if it’s finished.
  • Then we discuss pricing and get to work.
  • We send you a draft version to check if we are on right way.
  • Making all necessary improvements.
  • Then we show you our final track.
  • After payment completed you receive your desired music track.
  • If needed we can provide you with additional shorter versions of soundtrack.

Still have questions?

Who owns the copyright?

After payment is completed you (our customer) receive full rights for this track.

Do I have to pay after I receive the final version or I have to pay for advance?

We kindly ask our clients to pay a 50% for advance and 50% after receiving final track.

Can I hear a short demo before I pay?

All examples of our work could be found on this website. If you still need to hear preview before paying 50% for advance, we can make a short 30-secs preview, but remember that we can not spend much time making preview for everybody and not getting paid, so if we have enough time, we of course will make a demo specially for you.

How can I get a discount?

From time to time we drop some discount coupons on Instagram, so find and follow @baltazzar_production.

Also we deeply respect our regular customers and always ready to propose discounts when you come back for second and more orders.

Basic pricing

applicable for ambient, pop, lounge and corporate genres

30 sec track – 100$

1  min track – 200$

2 min track – 290$

3 min track – 375 $

Acoustic, rock and cinematic/orchestral tracks might be priced different. Message us for details.