5 reasons to use royalty-free music

5 reasons small

Production music is very important part of any media project. It can significantly enhance perception of project and impression of idea putted in it. But sometimes it’s quiet hard to use music track in commercial product because of copyright issues. Here comes another option – royalty free music. This kind of production music is getting more and more popular now and here’s why:

1 Easy to purchase – pay only once

Using royalty-free music, you won’t pay any additional and hidden fees. You only have to pay once and never care about it again. Other kind of production music (non-royalty free) sometimes could not be used in such way. Usually you’re quiet limited with it. For example, you can use it for limited time or only for personal use etc. With royalty free music it’s much more easier – choose appropriate type of license (depending on your specific need) and pay for it only once!

2 Endless time of use

Once you’ve purchased royalty-free track you are not limited in time of using it. You can use it forever and never meet any additional fee. Most of other production music libraries allow you to license music only for certain period of time. It’s understandable. By doing so they can earn additional money. But it’s not about royalty free music.

3 There’s no any legal hassles 

It’s really easy and problem-free to deal with royalty free music. It gives you comfort feeling of knowing the fact that you use music legally. You don’t have to contact author or distributor to ask for permission and other details.

4 Easy to find what you are looking for

Music tracks of every genre can be found in online royalty-free music libraries (by the way, check my library). Every tracks is carefully prepared for commercial use in production. Only thing you have to do is choose. It’s easy as a pie. Sometimes there’re even free additional variations of music (shorter versions, longer version, broadcast background loop, etc.)!

5 It is affordable !

Royalty free music is an affordable choice for every production and individual. When using other non-royalty free music, license fees sometimes can be extremely big and expansive. Using royalty free music can significantly save your budget and time. Of course, price of tracks on royalty free stocks can vary depending on type of needed license, but still it’s much cheaper than non-RF music.

So, Royalty Free production music is very useful option for all video productions and everybody, who needs production music. Need more proof? Welcome to my library. I am sure you’ll find exactly what you are looking for!